Model No. 1

Assists in discovering deviant lines.

Pioneer new spots.
Value day and night equally.
Always hike back up.
Follow no one else's style.
Sleep on couches.
Live in the back of vans.
Discover deviant lines.

  • Flex Society Countours

    3D debossed contour zones on nose and tail for a press happy flex with plenty of pop

  • Triple Rad Sidecut

    Three unique regions of sidecut to compliment the Zero Rise Camber and carve like chainsaw

  • Zero Rise Camber

    Flat camber from contact point to contact point

  • Ultralight Select Grade Core

    Combination of Paulownia and Aspen wood laminates for a lightweight snap

  • Advanced Sintered Base
  • Ninety-to-Zero Biaxial Laminate
  • Directional Shape